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We offer RAID data recovery for all types of devices, and our team has years of experience with every RAID level and manufacturer. This experience plays an important role in our success; no two RAID cases are identical, and differences in hardware and software need to be carefully addressed. Clones are always created first and subsequent work is done using those. Otherwise, less experienced engineers or labs with less rigorous procedures may accidentally cause additional corruption and media damage, which can result in permanent losses.

WD data recovery service chennai
Our RAID services are backed with a no data, no charge policy. Because of the large number of factors that can influence each case, the exact recovery process will vary. Our engineers have access to ISO 5 cleanroom technology, which allows for the safe repair of individual RAID members. We also have stations at every laboratory that allow various RAID array levels to be reproduced without the original hardware - regardless of controller card type, file system, and other factors.

In most cases, we will only need access to your RAID hard drives, not the controller card or other hardware. If your hard disk drives cannot leave your location, We can dispatch engineers and equipment to perform an onsite recovery. We can also access your equipment remotely to perform some data recovery tasks, although this is only possible if your hardware is fully functional. Contact our staff at 1.800.237.4200 for more information.

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Raminfotech is the Professional Recovery Service Provider in Whitefield, Bangalore India with 10+ Years of Experience & Expertise. Our Data Recovery services offering high quality and cost-effective data recovery service center in Whitefield and nearby places and other sub-areas of Whitefield, Bangalore. We recovery any type of information recovery from any kind of storage devices.

Wd data recovery service center Chennai

There are so many Data Recovery Centers available in the market. Your Question is why you choose our Data Recovery Company. Our technical team is well experienced in recovering all types of data. Whether it is Logical, Hardware Physical or RAID Level issues. e adopt latest technology to extract the data from your damaged hard disk or any storage media.

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Hard drives are used for storing and accessing all your digital information. Owing to the storage capacity and portability, you can store all your multimedia files such as pictures, digital files, important documents, software etc. and can easily access and share them.

WD data recovery service Chennai

There are so many Data Recovery Centers available in the market. Your Question is why you choose our Data Recovery Company. Our technical team is well experienced in recovering all types of data. Whether it is Logical, Hardware Physical or RAID Level issues. e adopt latest technology to extract the data from your damaged hard disk or any storage media.

Wd data recovery service chennai

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Western Digital is one of the world’s leaders in data storage technology. From internal laptop and desktop hard drives and Solid State drives to external, portable, RAID and Cloud systems, WD offers an ever-expanding array of data storage devices. The best-selling My Book series of external hard drives offers additional storage and backup capabilities for your home desktop computer. My Passport external hard drives allow users to transport their data anywhere they go with simple, easy to use plug-and-play technology. Western Digital’s newest offering, the My Cloud line, not only enables users to back up their information, but also allows remote access via desktop, laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones.
Western Digital Products we work with include, but are not limited to:
• WD Caviar Black, Blue, Green & Red
• WD Desktop Blue, Green, Black, Red (for RAID systems), VelociRaptor (for Workstations) & Purple (for Surveillance systems)
• WD Mobile Blue, Green, Black, Black² (Dual drive SSD + HDD) & Red (for RAID systems)
• WD NAS Red, Se & Re
• My Book, My Book Elements, My Book Essentials, My Book for Mac, My Book Studio, My Book Thunderbolt Duo & My Book VelociRaptor Duo, My Book Live & Live Duo, My Book AV & AV-TV
• My Passport Elements Portable, My Passport Ultra, My Passport Slim, My Passport for Mac, My Passport Studio, My Passport Air, My Passport Pro, My Passport Enterprise, My Passport AV-TV
• My Cloud, My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2 & EX4

Common Problems

Common problems that strike Western Digital hard drives include: clicking, ticking or clunking sounds; burnt printed circuit boards (PCB); and broken or stuck read/write heads. These are physical (hardware) problems. If you hear, see, or believe your hard drive may be experiencing any of these problems, do not power up your device– this may cause more damage and further loss of data. There are also logical (software) issues that can arise. The most frequent logical issues can occur when data is accidentally deleted from the drive or when the drive is formatted, erasing the previous contents. If you run into either of these problems, discontinue using the drive immediately. Every second your drive is in use it is reading and writing information to the platters, where all of the data is stored. The space that was once held by your now-deleted information is read by the computer as empty, thus continued use can lead to your computer saving new data to that previously occupied space and erasing your data for good.
There are tons of articles, videos, and software online that purport that they can help you get your data back without having to consult a professional. In this sense it is no different than experiencing a health problem and turning to the web for the best remedy. You go to a doctor when you are sick or a mechanic when your car has problems, why would you do something differently when it comes to pictures and videos of your friends and family, sensitive personal information, or those files from your job that you have spent weeks working on? Instead, allow the expert engineers of Platinum Data Recovery to perform a free diagnostic and free evaluation to discern the exact problem.

Why Choose Us?

At WD Data Recovery, our engineers are well equipped to deal with the latest and greatest from Western Digital. With over 15 years of data recovery experience, Platinum’s engineers keep constant pace with the constantly evolving technology of Western Digital. Hard drives are meant only to be opened in clean room environments due to the highly sensitive nature of the hard drive platters. Platinum Data Recovery has an on-site ISO 5 Class 100 clean room to enable our experts with all of the tools to get your information back. When dealing with deleted, formatted, or other logical problems, we have a plethora of recovery programs from third parties along with our own custom built programs designed specifically to retrieve your data from the brink of permanent deletion. You trust Western Digital to store all of your valuable information; trust Platinum Data Recovery to get it back for you.

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